Guess the Druggie

March 14, 2007 By:
Guess the Druggie

This weeks Us Magazine is going to be a juicy one! It’s the drug edition! It's no secret that it’s a common practice for celebrities to do drugs on a daily basis, but it's interesting to see how it’s becoming more publicly 'oh they're celebrities, so its okay.'

Inside the issue, sources talk about New Year’s Eve in Miami where, "There were lines of coke on the table, weed everywhere. It was insane. It was a very free atmosphere."

Notes the scenester, "Coke is so not a big deal for young stars in Hollywood. It's like having a drink."

That's so true! It’s sad that you have to do blow to hang out with the 'it' crowd. We always mention how Hollywood is like High School and celebrities are like the popular kids, and this proves it. Newcomers beware, Hollywood will suck you in and spit you out!