Celebrity Round-Up: It's Rag Mag Wednesday!

May 24, 2012 By:
Celebrity Round-Up: It's Rag Mag Wednesday!

It’s that time again to catch up on what the stars have been up to.

It’s been a busy week for our favorite women. Snooki has revealed details on her baby’s sex and has been taking a shocking number of steps to be a more responsible mom. Jessica Simpson is popping up again, this time with info on her next wedding. And let’s not forget about Britney on “X Factor.” Questions are sparking on whether the pop star can hold her own as a new judge on the show.

There’s also relationship woes. Prince William and Kate are reportedly arguing while Russell Brand wants Katy Perry to take him back. On a brighter note, Mark Zuckerberg got hitched. He also continues to get rich.

All that, Kanye and Kris, Michelle Obama, Mary Kennedy, a dash more Travolta, and more. It’s Rag Mag Wednesday!


“Relationship Status: Married” – Facebook creator/mega billionaire Mark Zuckerberg got hitched to his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. Coinciding with the company’s IPO, the wedding news slipped under the radar.

“Jillian Michaels’ New Family” – Not exactly new, but definitely bigger. Biggest Loser’s Jillian Wagner is “swimming in babies” after adopting two children.

“Why Did Mary Kennedy Take Her Life?” – An close look at the recent Kennedy tragedy. Depression could have been the cause.

“Michelle Obama My Life Now” – Day in the life of first lady/supermom.

Us Weekly:

“Hot Bodies 2012” – US Weekly competes with Maxim’s Hot 100. J.Lo, Jesse Williams, Gavin Rossdale, and Zoe Saldana are among those honored.

“Snooki Leaves ‘Shore’ House” – Snooki’s pregnant and decided the party house of “Jersey Shore” wasn’t the best place for a kid.

“Brit on X Factor, Too Much, Too Soon?” – An article that asks, “Will Britney’s messy past come back to haunt her on ‘X Factor.’”

In Touch:

“The Big Snooki Interview” – Snooks shows off her bump and talks pregnancy. Oh, and by the way… it’s a boy!

“Will & Kate, New Tell-All Book” – Prince William let secrets slip about his bride Kate Middleton. She’s not happy.

“Jessica’s Planning Her Dream Wedding” – Jessica Simpson has hired a wedding planner for her second big day. Word on the street is it will be an intimate affair.


“Russell Begs Katy Take Me Back!” – Texts, phone calls, sleepless nights… Russell Brand is bombarding Katy Perry, asking for another chance.

“Kanye Proposes To Kim!” – Yeah right!

“Bachelorette’s Shameful Secret” – Emily Maynard is apparently torn between her top choice, Arie, and a producer on the show.

“Jessica Gets Her Fairy-Tale Wedding” – More details on the wedding. Date could be 12/12/12, following the number trend that began when she found out she was preggers on 11/11/11.

“Kristin’s Baby Shower” – “The Hills” star Kristin Cavallari gets thrown a fiesta fit for a princess.

National Enquirer:

“Travolta Cross Dressing Scandal” – The actor’s alleged sex scandal somehow gets even weirder.

“Lisa Marie Betrayed!” Lisa Marie is leaving the Church of Scientology. She wants to get back into music.

“Kanye Begs Kim’s Mom: No More Plastic Surgery” – Along with the rest of America.