Why Madonna Could Be Sued For Her Super Bowl Performance

February 3, 2012 By:
Why Madonna Could Be Sued For Her Super Bowl Performance

T-minus two days until the Madonna Bowl and, as always, the singer is entangled in some controversy.

Joe Francis, the breast-obsessed honcho of Girls Gone Wild, has sent Madonna a cease and desist letter, threatening to take legal action if she sings a song from her album titled Girls Gone Wild during her Super Bowl performance.

If she takes her top off for some beads, he is going to double the amount. TMZ obtained the letter that Francis sent Madonna and her “co-conspirators.” His lawyers threaten to sue all of them for attempting to get a “free ride on the valuable consumer goodwill and brand recognition” of the Girls Gone Wild trademark.

Consumer goodwill...Yeah, I don’t know that consumers are supporting your stuff out of goodwill so much as they’re just horny. Francis' lawyer makes it clear in the letter:

“Your misappropriation of my clients’ trademark will not be tolerated."

But Francis says he is willing to work with Madonna, provided she agrees to the following:

-- Negotiate an immediate licensing agreement for the use of Joe's trademark

-- Account for the number of times Madonna has already used the trademark; and most importantly:

--Don’t perform the song at the Super Bowl.

Joe believes NBC and the NFL are conspiring with Madonna, so the letter was also addressed to them. How dare they try to ruin the good name of boozed up girls willing to be objectified for costume jewelry. And sometimes a T-shirt.