Stalker Breaks Into Madonna's Home

March 14, 2011 By:
Stalker Breaks Into Madonna's Home

Over the weekend, Madonna's home was broken into by yet another stalker. Someone seriously needs to get this woman ADT.

29-year old Grzegorz Matlok was charged with burglary after breaking into the legendary singer's London house on Saturday. Matlok smashed a window and was then able to enter the home.

According to The Daily Mail, Madonna's Gregorian townhouse has state-of-the art security. But if all it takes to break in is smashing a window, I have a feeling their definition of "state-of-the art" is a fifteen year-old German Shepherd with hip dysplasia. Because I doubt it could be that advanced if a random person was able to get in by simply smashing a window.

Madonna wasn’t home at the time of the break-in. She was in Bay City, Michigan after her 99-year-old grandmother passed away.

Has this guy not seen Madonna’s arms? She could take him down with one shove. Those guns are massive. You don’t mess with that sh-t.