Second Worker Dies Following Madonna's Stage Incident

July 17, 2009 By:
Second Worker Dies Following Madonna's Stage Incident

We have more tragic news to report from France. Another man has died following the incident in which the stage collapsed during rehearsals at a Madonna concert.

Charles Prow, 32, who was also working at the venue during the incident died overnight from the injuries he sustained in the accident in Marseilles.

A 53-year-old French man died instantly after the stage collapses, while another more remained injured. Charles was one of the injured few, but he didn't make it. More than 30 others suffered minor injuries and shock.

Technicians had been setting up the stage at the city's 60,000-seater
stadium when the partially-built structure fell in and killed one and injured 30. Sadly another life was taken.

One worker said: "Technicians knew what they were doing, but there was a terrible accident. Sadly, these things can happen."

Madonna released a statement yesterday about the tragedy saying, "I'm devastated at the tragic news. My prayers go to those who were injured and their families."

She found out about the death while she was rehearsing for her show in Italy. During the concert she stopped her performance and tearfully told the crowd, "I ask you for a moment to stop and think of the people who have lost their lives, we need to appreciate life, the people we love and our families."

So sad. Our hearts go out to the families who lost a loved one during this tragic accident.