Report: Madonna and Jesus Luz Split

February 1, 2010 By:
Report: Madonna and Jesus Luz Split

Bye bye Jesus. Madonna has reportedly called it quits with her boytoy Jesus Luz because they "ran out of things to talk about."

Madge had been dating Jesus for a year now, and while neither one of them has publicly spoken about their romance, her friends think its a "miracle" it's latest as long as it did.

“The problem with Jesus is as simple as it is obvious,” a friend of Madonna’s explained. “It’s the age difference. He’s 23. She’s 51. How long could it last? How it even lasted a year seems a miracle to a lot of people. He’s perfectly nice, a gentleman and very smart. But they are in such different places in their lives.

“They both benefited, but it’s pretty much over now. Or, as Madonna told me, ‘We’ve just run out of things to talk about. I mean, it’s really pushing it for us to have common ground these days. We have Kabbalah, but that’s about it.’ ”

Biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli insists that the reason the relationship lasted a year is because Madonna “depends” on Jesus for “emotional support” and would never have introduced him to the four children she raises if she wasn’t serious about him.

“The physical intimacy they share is strong and powerful,” says another source. “Look, here’s the simple and honest truth: she was swept away by him and she even thought she could marry him. It happens. It was a sexy fantasy. She’s only human. He’s adorable and, well… it happens. But she now sees that there is no future for him with her and she’s begun to think it’s unfair to string him along. He’s crazy about her. Truly, he is. And I think she’s starting to feel guilty about it.”

Well so much for that one. No wonder we've been hearing whispers that Madonna has been texting her ex Alex Rodriguez! Who would you like to see Madonna date? Another boytoy or someone her own age?