Nelly Furtado Blasts Madonna

November 23, 2009 By:
Nelly Furtado Blasts Madonna

Singer Nelly Furtado has clearly never been warned not to mess with Madonna. Nelly is making headlines for a comment she made about the Queen of Pop and her reluctance to age naturally.

Furtado insists that she won't exercise relentlessly in order to reverse the aging process like Madonna does, and would rather just sit around her kitchen and eat instead.

She said: "I am not ready to adjust physically, just to be marketable. My sell-by date will run out eventually.

"Unlike Madonna, I wouldn't be willing to do Pilates round the clock, just to slow down the deterioration of my body. I prefer to sit in the kitchen, drink tea and eat biscuits."

Maybe Madonna does need to lay off the upper body workouts a little, but at 50 she's in better shape than most 20 year olds. And that's saying a lot! We'd rather be in shape like Madonna than sit around and eat biscuits all day. Whose side are you on?