Malawi Orphanage to Madonna: You Are Our God

October 29, 2009 By:
Malawi Orphanage to Madonna: You Are Our God

Madonna may be Hollywood royalty here in the states, but in Malawi she's considered a God.

Madonna took time out of her busy schedule to visit Malawi and the orphanage she adopted her son David Banda from this week and the kids couldn't help but praise Madonna calling her their "God."

One child said to her: "You are our God. Where could we have been without you?"

The centre's director, Lucy Chipeta, added: "David is too young to understand… but for us who remember the sickly tiny little baby of 2006, it was hard to hold back tears, including Madonna."

Orphanage founder Thomson Chipeta added to Us Weekly magazine: "He is so boisterous! I can't believe he is the same chap of 2006."
Madonna – who also adopted four-year-old daughter Mercy from the country earlier this year – recently admitted she has been "taught a lot" by Malawi.

During her visit Madonna said: "People always ask me, 'Why did you choose Malawi?' But I have always said, 'Malawi chose me.’ Growing up in a privileged life, I took education for granted. Coming to Malawi has taught me a lot."

Madonna really has done a lot for the country. She's currently in the poverty stricken country with her children to help open an all girl’s school. What an inspiration she is. And to think she was once one of Hollywood's badest girls.

Check out Madonna's special message below: