Madonna's Youngest Son David Makes DJ’s During Mom's Concert

October 11, 2012 By:
Madonna's Youngest Son David Makes DJ’s During Mom's Concert

The kids of the rich and famous all want to be DJ’s now, apparently. Tom Cruise’s son Connor Cruise is a rising DJ star, already booking gigs in London nightclubs, and now Madonna’s youngest son David, who is like 6, is a DJ now too!

Madonna’s adorable little boy made his DJ debut during her LA concert stop on her MDNA tour and totally owned the DJ booth!

Wearing a red tracksuit and a Madonna t-shirt, he and dancing and singing to all her songs.

Madonna’s resident producer DJ Solveig introduced the boy on stage, shouting, “Welcome Madonna’s son David, it’s his first DJ appearance.”


Now David joins the ranks of his older siblings, Rocco and Lourdes who have regularly made stage cameos during Madonna's shows. It's kind of a rite of passage to being one of Madonna's kids.

Besides David’s DJ debut, and a sighting of Britney Spears in attendance at the concert, Madonna used this night as a platform for her political missions.

“Register to vote!” Madonna shouted to her fans, before launching into a terrifying story about a 14 year-old girl in Pakistan who was shot in the head for writing a blog about the importance of education.

“This hurt me and made me cry, a 14-year-old Pakistani girl was shot on the school bus for writing a blog how important education was. Do you understand the sickness of this and do you recognize how lucky you are?” Madonna told her American fans.

“Support the people and education and be gay! Or be Muslim, Christian or Jewish or whatever the f*ck you are. I get angry cause all of you have a responsibility to person standing next to you and don't you ever forget it.”

Its nights like these we just love Madonna. She’s outspoken, loud, a legend, a brilliant performer, and her son is just the cutest pint-sized DJ we’ve ever seen!

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