Madonna's Tour Crew To Walk Out On Her?

September 1, 2008 By:
Madonna's Tour Crew To Walk Out On Her?

Madonna better watch out, or she may not have any back-up dancers for her next show!

Her Sticky & Sweet tour crew is reportedly fuming at Madge over recent travel arrangements while on the road. While Madonna flies in private jets and checks herself into sprawling mansions, members of her crew are forced to fly commercial and stay in cheap hotels.

They feel that they are being treated by second-class citizens by her, despite all their hard work during the past few months.

What do these people expect?? For Madonna to cook them family-style meals at the castle every night? It's freaking Madonna, people!

She's 50 years old and it's surprising enough that she's even touring like she is at her age, let alone having all the backup dancers that go with her routine.

If they really think she's about to befriend all of them and treat them like they're on her level, they're crazy!