Madonna's Mexico Gym Closing After Two Days?

December 1, 2010 By:
Madonna's Mexico Gym Closing After Two Days?

I hope there’s a refund on membership fees, because Madonna
’s Hard Candy gym in Mexico City is already in danger of being shut down.

According to Mexican station Televisa, Madge forgot to get a permit. Doh! She has til Friday to get one, or it’s sayonara.

Demetrio Sodi, the Chief of the Miguel Hidalgo Municipality where the gym is located, said, “If they don’t have a land use permit, they will not be able to operate.”

The gym also needs to present a certificate showing it has parking. Wish Los Angeles could enforce that rule!

Just this week, Madonna spoke to a Mexican newspaper, explaining why she chose to put a gym in the country. “A lot of places I go to are considered dangerous whether that’s Tel Aviv or Rio, that never stops me from going somewhere to put on a show. I’m not hindered by that. I have good security and I’m not worried about it,” she said.

Little did she know she didn’t even have to worry about drug lords and gang violence! The real problem is just the permit! Those little details will get ya every time!

But seriously, I feel bad for the suckers who paid $830 up front, plus agreed to a $120-a-month contract. If I was paying that much for a gym, I’d expect Madonna to be my personal trainer!