Madonna's Inappropriate Introduction on Instagram

February 11, 2013 By:
Madonna's Inappropriate Introduction on Instagram
Image By: Instagram

“Dear World, it’s me. Madonna. Nope, I’m still tasteless.”

It appears that the 54-year-old maestra of all things pop and inappropriate has found a new medium to flash her lady parts in. Yes, Madonna has found Instagram. And it’s a match made in unmannerly heaven.

While you were busy watching Fun. and Jay-Z scoop up multiple Grammys this weekend, the “Turn Up the Radio” singer was busy maintaining her position as did-she-just-do-that queen.

Madonna posted a post workout picture of her cleavage drenched in sweat. The camera is positioned for prime breast-viewing. 

“Addicted to sweat !!!!!” she captioned the shot.

Another shot captioned “Cheers motherf—ers! I'm on instagram,” showcases Madge slurping on a cocktail that in no way suggests the act of fellatio…

Only, by “in no way suggests,” we mean “absolutely, without a glimmer of a doubt implies” the act of...well, you get it.

In other words, kids, it’s the same ol’ Madonna. Blunt, offensive, and right in your face.

But that’s why we love her, right? After all, we’re not talking about the other five photos she posted that have zero sex or nudity, are we?

Long live the queen!