Madonna's Ex Auctioning Off Her Personal Belongings

July 28, 2009 By:
Madonna's Ex Auctioning Off Her Personal Belongings

Some of Madonna’s personal items are going to the auction block! But these aren’t just any old items—and Madonna probably isn’t too happy about them being for sale.

A man named James Albright, who was Madonna’s boyfriend from 1992-1994, is auctioning off some very personal items of Madonna’s.

They include 21 sexy letters, 17 minutes of x-rated phone calls, and even a homemade video made by Madonna.

Auction experts believe the letters could get up to $4000, the phone messages are worth $40,000, and the sexy video could go for up to $14,000!

Tabloids are already showing interest in bidding on the items, so they could wind up selling for much more.

The letters, voice messages, and video will all be available on Gotta Have It! which sells a lot of celebrity memorabilia. What a way for this guy to get his 15 minutes, and make a quick paycheck!