Madonna's Daughter Likes Cone Boobs Too

June 28, 2012 By:
Madonna's Daughter Likes Cone Boobs Too

Madonna and pointy boobs are synonymous. They go together like hotdogs and mustard. And now Madonna is passing on the tradition to her daughter.

Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s 15-year-old daughter, has shared her love for putting it all out there. On Wednesday, a picture of her was tweeted, posing in mom’s latest cone-shaped bra getup backstage on the MDNA tour.

The image showcased Lourdes in a stylized corset that is being used as a wardrobe piece for the tour. She sticks her tongue out and, with each hand cups the corset’s two coned-shape breast-holding compartments.

“Lola backstage at MDNA!” the caption read.

The goofy image was shared on the Material Girl fashion line’s Twitter page, normally reserved for fashion updates. The company was a collaboration between Madonna and Lourdes that started in 2010.

Later in the evening, Madonna took the stage in the same corset that Lourdes posed in. The corset is one of nine wardrobe choices that the tour features.

Fans of Madonna’s previous boob work will recognize the reference it makes to the piece she wore during her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour. The original cone boob idea was the brainchild of French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The designer also produced the new corset.

“I love Madonna. She is the only woman I have asked to marry me. She refused, of course,” Gaultier told fashion site WWD. “But when she asked me to do a costume for her for this tour, I couldn’t refuse.”

Madonna’s current world tour is number nine on the icon’s impressive resume. She will stop in 80 countries and she is currently on the European leg of it. The tour will wrap up just before.