Madonna's Boytoy Jesus Joins Kabbalah

February 13, 2009 By:
Madonna's Boytoy Jesus Joins Kabbalah

Hanging out with Madonna certainly has its perks. For one, you can become a celebrity overnight. And if you're a model like her current boytoy Jesus Luz is, you can raise your prices 1000% just because you're associated with her.

And the downside? You have to join Kabbalah. Word on the street is that her 22 year-old boytoy has left his home in Rio and permanently moved to the US and is basically obeying any and all of Madonna's orders. Including what religion he's supposed to follow.

Jesus, a member of the Orkut social networking site, writes in his profile: "It is not important what the others think about us. The most important is what and whom [sic] we are. I have a clear con science even if I am con- demned. We cannot forget that Jesus was condemned."

How long do you guys think it'll be before Madonna tires of him? She has a short attention span when it comes to men.

A-Rod only lasted a few months. We give poor little Jesus Luz til June before she casts him away. Hey, at least he'll still have his pay raise!