Madonna's Boyfriend Jesus Won't Commit to Her

May 26, 2009 By:
Madonna's Boyfriend Jesus Won't Commit to Her

Madonna may have put her 23 year old boyfriend Jesus Luz on the map, but the young plaything still refuses to commit to her.

Madonna reportedly left him in the dust a few months ago after photos of him with a younger Brazilian model hit the internet, but he managed to work his way back into her life shortly after.

But apparently their relationship isn't as serious as we all least not for him.

He said in an interview on Brazilian TV: “Madonna is a friend who has
entered my life. I don’t have plans of marrying her. I can’t say if she is
the girl of my life.” Ouch!

Bet that comment didn't sit well with Madge. Who is he to be taking to the press about how unimportant she is in his life?! This is Madonna we're talking about! Sure he's young and hot, but she can do so much better. What do you guys think?