Madonna Wants to Reconcile With Her Brother

September 7, 2009 By:
Madonna Wants to Reconcile With Her Brother

Madonna doesn’t exactly have a very good relationship with her brother Christopher Ciconne.

As you may recall, he wrote and published a book in 2008 called Life With My Sister Madonna in which he had numerous negative things to say about both her and Guy Ritchie.

Madonna wasn’t happy at all with the book, but despite their estranged relationship, she is looking to patch things up. According to the Sunday Mirror, Madge wants to make amends with Christopher, and has apparently sent him emails to open up the lines of communication.

A source tells the publication, “Madonna did it more for her family than for herself. Her feud with Chris was creating huge tension within the family so she decided to be the bigger person.”

The insider added: "At one point Madonna wanted all the family to cut off Chris - but her father wasn't willing. It's been a nightmare ever since. She's calmed down about the book and had time to think. She realizes blood is thicker than water and has said she will meet with him this year in LA."

This is very big of Madonna to extend the olive branch, so to speak! Christopher did say some nasty things about his sister, which must be hard for her to deal with. But someone has to be the bigger person, so we like to see Madonna doing that and putting her family first!