Madonna to be Involved in Twilight Sequel

February 17, 2009 By:
Madonna to be Involved in Twilight Sequel

Rumor has it Madonna will somehow be involved in the Twilight sequel. Let’s just hope it’s her music, and she won’t be taking on a role as a vampire!

Madge’s manager Guy O’Seary is the executive producer on the flick, and apparently wants her on board in some shape or form.

According to E! News, Madge will be both acting and lending her voice to the soundtrack of New Moon. We’re not quite sure this is what Stephanie Meyer had in mind when she wrote the books. What’s next? A cameo role for Lourdes too?

Part of the reason Twilight did so well was because relatively unknown actors starred in the film, and blew everyone away. It just seems so gimmicky to have Madonna join the cast. Singing on the soundtrack we’re fine with. But not an actual role in the film!