Madonna to Adopt From Nigeria?

June 7, 2009 By:
Madonna to Adopt From Nigeria?

No is never an option for Madonna!

Madge might have been denied adoption for little Mercy James, but that hasn't stopped her from looking elsewhere.

Rumor has it that Madonna has moved from Malawi to Nigeria in her search for another child.

“She was distraught when her adoption failed in Malawi,” an insider told the News of the World.

“At the time she blamed the fact that her relationship with Jesus made her look like she was going through some midlife crisis.

“But now she’s looking at adoption centres in Nigeria and has got another female friend to make an initial approach to test the waters."

Unfortunately people who are interested in adopting a Nigerian child must be a resident for at least three months or else the adoption process is very difficult. We'll see if Madonna is able to get around that little loophole.