Madonna Tells Ryan Seacrest He's "Too Old" for Her

October 1, 2009 By:
Madonna Tells Ryan Seacrest He's

Who knew Madonna had such a great sense of humor? Madge has a new album to promote so she's going to be doing the media rounds this week.

Last night she made a pit stop at David Letterman's Late Show and this morning she had a little chat with Ryan Seacrest. She basically told Ryan he was "too old" to date her and she would rather date someone much younger because "Younger people are more adventurous."

She added, "Have you met many guys my age? They're usually grumpy and fat and balding."

She tells Seacrest that she is not happy when she sees her body in the mirror, "My body is a part of my job. I look in the mirror and say "more work.....less cake, more work."

Apparently Kanye West is still a hot topic of conversation because Ryan made sure to ask her about him.

Madge said that Kanye is "impulsive" and she wants to have a little chat with him and tell him "he needs to put a lid on it."

Ryan then changed the subject to her recent 'Sticky & Sweet' tour, which he had front row tickets to. Ryan sat front and center right by Jennifer Lopez, but Madge didn't notice Ryan because she was "distracted" by J.Lo giving her "sharp looks."

While Madonna would rather "get run over by a train" then remarry, Jesus Luz has certainly lifted her spirits. She's the funniest she's been in years!