Madonna Tell All Book Coming Our Way!

June 12, 2008 By:
Madonna Tell All Book Coming Our Way!

Now this is gonna be a good read! Madonna should have never had a falling out with her brother because if she was still cool with him, he probably wouldn’t have written a tell-all book. Madonna and Christopher stopped talking when Madge married Guy Ritchie, who Rupert Everett said was "uncomfortable around queens."

According to Page Six, Christopher Ciccone has collaborated with British journo Wendy Leigh on an “exposé of his sister.”

"It's extremely graphic and devastating," said a source. "He wrote it on the sly without telling Madonna. They want to put it out before her lawyers can get a hold of it."

Well her lawyers are definitely gonna know about it now, so we might not even see it.

A friend of Madge’s says, "We'd heard rumors, but didn't realize he'd actually written it. He was there through the crazy years and has many stories to tell, I'm sure. He's seen it all. Oh, my."

Indeed this book is gonna be juicy. Probably more interesting than the sugar-coated memoir Lynne Spears plans on releasing. Christopher Is probably so pissed at his sister that he is really gonna tell all cause he’s got nothing to lose. It would be wise to go into hiding after releasing the book though, Madonna will probably put a hit out for him.