Madonna Talks A-Rod at Super Bowl Conference

February 3, 2012 By:
Madonna Talks A-Rod at Super Bowl Conference

During the Super Bowl press conference, Madonna answered many questions. She promised not to have a wardrobe malfunction, she praised her hard-working Midwestern father, she talked about A-Rod as a centaur—woah, okay, back it up.

Apparently, there’s a rumor that Yankees player Alex Rodriquez, whom Madonna dated, has a—well, I’ll let this radio reporter explain.

“Is it true that he has an oil painting depicting himself as a centaur, half man half horse, in his home?” a reporter asked the singer.

Madonna answered: “Wow.” (My thoughts exactly) “If he does, I haven’t seen it.”

She does know of another piece of art A-Rod does own, however:

“He does have a very large photograph of me, lying on a horse,” Madonna reveals.

Then, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Gerald McCoy had another awkward moment for Madonna.

“Please don’t ask a stupid question,” Madonna warned the defensive lineman, as he prepared to muster up the courage to ask her something after flattering her.

“You are still one of the hottest artists…you are the definitions of greatness. Can you give advice to a guy in his young career?” he asked. Madonna responded:

“If you don’t believe it what you’re doing and you don’t have passion for what you’re doing, quit right now. Have faith in yourself. Don’t take anything personally.”

McCoy’s response?

“No kiss after this?”

Madonna shook her head but told him she has “love for 23 year-olds.”

Madonna calls her Super Bowl performance a “Midwesterner girl’s dream.”

"I want to dedicate my show to my father,” Madonna said. “He is the personification of Midwestern values. If I’m a hardworking girl that never stops, it’s because of him.”