Madonna Takes Divaness to a New Level

February 22, 2011 By:
Madonna Takes Divaness to a New Level

Madonna has a reputation for being a diva, but her latest antics make regular diva’s look humble.

Madonna was going to be in Berlin to present footage from her W.E. movie to overseas distributors when the folks over at Soho House Berlin got an interesting phone call.

Her camp told the hotel that Madonna was going to be in town for one night and wanted to stay at the hotel, but she “doesn’t want to sleep where other people have slept.” Seriously. They actually said that.

“Madonna doesn’t like to sleep where other people have slept,” a hotel source told Closer magazine. “She needs all new things – a new bed, fresh paint, new lights. So we renovated the whole room. We have never had a request like this before.”

The total cost of renovating the room? £15,000! Keep in mind it probably cost the hotel more money to renovate the room than she actually paid for the room for the night.

And that’s not all. “We also had to provide 500 bottles of Kabbalah water [which is blessed by a rabbi] for Madonna and her entourage,” the source added. What the hell do you do with 500 bottles of water when you’re only in your room for one night?

She spent most of the day in and out of her room so unless she was showering with the water (I wouldn’t put it past her) there’s no way she could have gone through all of it.

I’m surprised she didn’t ask the hotel manager to hand his kids over too. Clearly, what Madonna wants, Madonna gets.