Madonna Takes Care of Her Boytoy

June 3, 2009 By:
Madonna Takes Care of Her Boytoy

really knows how to keep her boytoy happy!

She has reportedly shelled out $50,000 on DJ equipment for Jesus Luz and has been paying for his lessons. She has hired top DJ Eric Jao, aka DJ Enferno, to give Luz lessons on spinning.

“She spares no expense with Jesus — he’s really spoiled,” an insider told The Sun.

“She hopes he’ll get into old-school hip hop but he’s into techno.”

Let's just hope he appreciates all she does for him. He definitely knows he is her boytoy and he plays that role very well.

In a recent TV interview Luz insisted that the two are just friends and there is really nothing serious going on with them.

“Madonna is a friend who has entered my life,” he said during an interview on Brazilian TV. “I don’t have plans of marrying her. I can’t say if she is the girl of my life.

Madonna has probably made his role in her life very clear and he's is obviously OK with all of it.