Madonna Shocked By Sex Rituals In Malawi

April 29, 2008 By:
Madonna Shocked By Sex Rituals In Malawi

Very few things shock Madonna these days. But the queen of pop insists she was not only shocked, but also appalled by a bizarre sex ritual in Malawi.

While filming her documentary, I Am Because We Are, Madonna reveals that young widows are forced to have sex three times with a stranger from outside her village as part of a cleansing ritual.

She says, "When this woman's husband dies of Aids, she is required by the village head tribal chief to go through this sexual cleansing.

"Until she does, basically the village is, like, at a standstill. And, if she refuses to do it, she will be ostracized by everyone."

Rituals are one thing, but spreading AIDS is another. It's shocking that the widow is practically forced to help spread AIDS as part of a "cleansing" ritual. Some cleansing that is!