Madonna’s Shocking Admission: ‘I Was Raped at Gunpoint’

October 4, 2013 By:
Madonna’s Shocking Admission: ‘I Was Raped at Gunpoint’
Image By: Harper's Bazaar

If you’re going to call a magazine your “Daring Issue,” you best slap Madonna on your cover.

That’s what Harper’s Bazaar did for their November issue, which has Ms. Madge’s fierce eyes peering out at all who DARE to make visual contact with her.

Decked out in cutout leather, pounds of chunky gold jewelry, and a bold red lip, Madonna looks more powerful than ever.

That sentiment translates to the magazine’s editorial where she proves that the most daring thing you can do is tell the truth. And she does just that in a self-penned article sharing her earliest experiences including moving to the Big Apple, achieving super stardom, her divorce, religion and having children.

In the article, she recalls first moving to NYC, when she survived a horrifying rape. It’s an episode true blue Madonna fans are already aware of, but it’s still shocking when described in the magazine's pages.

“New York wasn’t everything I thought it would be,” she wrote. “It did not welcome me with open arms. The first year, I was held up at gunpoint. Raped on the roof of a building I was dragged up to with a knife in my back, and had my apartment broken into three times. I don’t know why; I had nothing of value after they took my radio the first time.”

In the context of everything that’s happening in pop music right now—Katy Perry belting that we all “Roar,” Miley Cyrus twerking, Lady Gaga flailing about like a swan with a human head, Britney Spears blinking in a desert while stuff happens around her—Madonna looks quietly confident here, as if to say that she doesn’t need to say she’s still the Queen of Pop.