Madonna’s Inappropriate 55th Birthday Party Pics

August 19, 2013 By:
Madonna’s Inappropriate 55th Birthday Party Pics

Happy birthday, Madonna! She's 55 years old and not much has changed…

The provocative pop star didn’t shy away from a celebration, in this case a raunchy French Revolution-themed party in Menton, France, where she slipped into a tight bedazzled corset.

The over-the-top festivities were captured on the entertainer’s Instagram, sweaty because of all the debauchery and blurry because, hi/bye/duh, all the booze.

“Perhaps we had too much Cale!” she tweeted. “But at my Birthday Party all I could see was LOVE.”

Or maybe it was something else?

“Perhaps I had too much Champagne!” she added. “I meant to write CAKE.”

In attendance was Madonna’s daughter (and fast fashion business partner) Lourdes, as well as the singer’s 25-year-old boyfriend Brahim Zaibat, who Madge cuddled up with in a photo.