Madonna Refuses to Appear on Glee

April 14, 2010 By:
Madonna Refuses to Appear on Glee

Madonna will be honored in the episode of Glee. The cast members have been excited about the Material Girl episode for months now!

We caught up with cast member Jennifer Aspen and she told HOLLYSCOOP, “I can tell you that the Madonna episode is going to be crazy sick. I know some of the numbers and characters that are performing. It is going to be jaw-dropping.”

Everyone seems to be excited about the return of the hit Fox show…except for Madonna. In fact, she doesn’t even know what the show is!

A friend of hers tells Popeater Madonna has never heard of the show that will be using her music catalogue in their next show. "Madonna doesn't have a TV and has no idea what 'Glee' is," said the friend.

"The show did ask her if she wanted to make an appearance in the much-hyped Madonna episode. She said 'no thanks' and, to be honest, she would rather they sing an Elton John song than butcher one of hers."

Diva! She may want to Tivo the episode, seeing as though we hear she’ll make $100,000 in royalties from the episode alone. And she doesn’t even have to do anything!

Meanwhile, check out newly engaged Jane Lynch’s version of “Vogue” that aired last night: