Madonna On Woman & Home

August 1, 2008 By:
Madonna On Woman & Home

Woman & Home magazine scored an interview and cover with Madonna, but the interview is about as safe as it gets. No scandalious details or A-Rod questions...booooo! Anywho, here are some highlights from the interview...

Madonna on motherhood:

Having children has had an enormous effect on me as a person, and creatively. When you have children you look at life differently. You have a much fuller sense of appreciation and for the fragility of life, and how magical we all are as human beings.

Madonna on turning 50:
The number 50 is not a bad word! I feel fine and am not sensitive about anyone talking about it. I see it as another excuse to have a party. I’m enjoying life as much as ever, as well as all the different things I do – directing, making music, having a family.

Madonna on Malawi:
I think the criticism that celebrities face when they are tackling humanitarian issues is down to the cynicism of the public. People like to criticise. It’s human nature. They can’t imagine someone could be doing something for an altruistic reason, because they are feeling generous.