Madonna is Under Investigation By the FBI

April 5, 2011 By:
Madonna is Under Investigation By the FBI

Someone is standing in Madonna's Ray of Light. She just found out the FBI is investigating her charity.

Madge is under scrutiny for a charity she chairs, Success For Kids, which was originally called Spirituality For Kids.

The FBI is investigating the charity for "several irregularities and suspicious activity", reported the New York Post.

Details of the investigation are being kept under wraps, cause you know, it's the FBI and stuff. But we do know that Madge donated $671,000 to the organization since it was founded in 2001 and has also persuaded a string of celebrity friends to give generously.

Man, she just can't catch a break! This comes just one week after she had to scrap plans to build a school in Malawi due to financial mismanagement by her charity, 'Raising Malawi'.

She abandoned the project because $3.5 million had been frittered away by members on needless luxuries.

Time to get a new crew of financial managers!