Madonna: I Learned How to Direct From Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn

January 10, 2012 By:
Madonna: I Learned How to Direct From Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn

Madonna has been married and divorced from two directors, so that means she can direct movies, right? According to Madonna, that’s all the training you need.

Madonna just made her feature film directorial debut with “W.E.” and while the film has been met with mixed reviews, Madonna says she learned everything she knew from her previous marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie.

“I've been on a few film sets in my day and I've been married to a few directors and I've been friends with a lot of directors,” Madonna tells Britain’s Radio Times.

That’s Madonna’s qualifications, you guys…”being friends with directors.” I’m sure that’s what was said when her agent tried to pitch her as a director to the producers of “W.E.” … "Madonna, has like, lots of friends that direct and she was married to two directors, so like, she’s basically Steven Spielberg.” Strangely enough it worked.

She says each of her husbands taught her different aspects of making movies.

“I watched closely what both Sean and Guy did. With Sean I saw the importance of rehearsal and preparing and doing as much work as you can ahead of being on set,” says Madonna.

Hey, you may loose a husband, but gain some insight. Like, the actors read their lines before they get to set? Yes, Madonna, make your actors do that.

As for Guy Ritchie, this is what he taught Madonna: “Guy is a much more visual director and he takes a lot of chances and risks when it comes to camera moves and things like that. And I learned a lot from him in that respect."