Madonna Hires Gardener To Direct Documentary

April 28, 2008 By:
Madonna Hires Gardener To Direct Documentary

Madonna has hired her gardener to direct her upcoming documentary about HIV/AIDS orphans in Malawi entitled "I Am Because We Are."

Madge, who is married to a director, says she asked Nathan Rissman to help her with her project after she found his works impressive.

She tells People magazine, "Nathan Rissman basically did everything for me. He was my gardener. He was my carpenter. He rerouted the electricity in my house. He looked after the children. And he started making home movies of my children. And they were amazing."

She even gushed about his at the Tribeca Film Festival, "Nathan has the ability to instill trust in people. And so many of the children started to open up to him. I've ended up with what I consider to be a very good film and a beautiful son."

From gardener to big shot director? Typical Hollywood! Rissman tells the magazine he still can't believe he had been given the honor of directing the film. He says, "I have to pinch myself all the time."