Madonna Helping Jesus Get Work

April 27, 2009 By:
Madonna Helping Jesus Get Work

Looks like Madonna has literally become her boytoy's personal Jesus. Madonna has friends in high places, so when it came to getting work for her 23 year-old boyfriend Jesus Luz, it was literally just a phone call away.

Madge is still recovering from her recent horse incident, but she's isn't recovering alone. She's reunited with Brazilian boytoy and friends in the fashion industry can be thanked for it.

Marc Jacobs "wrote a letter of support for Jesus' work permit" to allow him to stay in the country, a source told Page Six. "Marc campaigned for Jesus, saying he is highly talented and a necessity to the label."

Dolce & Gabbana's, who has worked closely with Madonna over the years, will feature Jesus in the their fall-winter menswear campaign as well.

A tipster said, "All these fashion lines are hiring Jesus as a favor to Madonna. As long as he can legally work in the US, they can be together."

While it must be nice to be Madonna's personal boytoy, he really should start networking on his own if he wants to survive in the industry. Madonna generally grows tired of her toys fairly quickly.