Madonna Granted Appeal in Adoption Case

April 20, 2009 By:
Madonna Granted Appeal in Adoption Case

Madonna will be heading back to Malawi in May to appeal a ruling blocking her from adopting Mercy James.

As you all remember, Madonna's adoption of three-year old Mercy was denied on April 3rd--but Madonna doesn't understand the word 'No' so she's going to fight for the adoption.

The judge claimed that the adoption was rejected because of a requirement that all potential parents must be resident in Malawi for 18 to 24 months prior to adoption. But Madonna adopted David Banda from Malawi back in 2006 with no problem.

Madge's appeal has officially been granted so she's due back at the country's Supreme Court of Appeal on May 4, 2009. It's pretty obvious her adoption is ultimately going to be granted, and they're giving her the run around.

Joseph Chigona, Registrar of the High Court tells the AP, "As with all court cases involving infants, this one will be in chambers, not in an open court.”

Madge’s lawyer Alan Chinula has high hopes for his client in the appeal. He says, "We believe the lower court judge erred by basing her judgment on an archaic law of over 50 years ago.”

The appeal process could take up to two weeks. For something that so important to Madonna, we see no reason why she shouldn’t be present. That should definitely send a message to the judge’s and to Mercy’s family that she’s serious about Mercy’s well-being.

She's proven to be a great mother to David, so the adoption officials should be thrilled that she's interested in helping more disadvantaged children. What are your thoughts on the situation?