Madonna Furious With Guy's Behavior

March 10, 2009 By:
Madonna Furious With Guy's Behavior

It's okay for Madonna to parade her 23 year-old boytoy Jesus Luz around town, even introducing him to her children, but all hell broke loose when Madge found out her ex Guy Ritchie had moved on.

Madonna is reportedly furious with Guy for allowing film producer Lauren Meek, 32, to stay over at his place. Uh last we checked, you guys were divorced!

A source tells Now magazine: "Guy used to toe the line just to keep his wife happy. But now the shackles are off he finds it hilarious.

"He decided long ago to see who he wants, when he wants. And if it infuriates Madonna in the process, so much the better."

Madonna has already had two relationships since her split from Guy so she really has no right to throw a fit about him shacking up with someone, but than again it's Madonna. Did we expect anything less?