Madonna Flips Out over Britney Track

March 4, 2009 By:
Madonna Flips Out over Britney Track

Note to all DJ's: If Madonna's in the house, don't you dare play a Britney Spears track!

The queen of Pop, who appeared in Spears' latest documentary: Britney: For The Record, reportedly lost her cool when a DJ played a Britney track during a party on Monday night.

Madge was at personal trainer Tracy Anderson's birthday bash at Hell's Kitchen gay bar in The Ritz when the incident occurred.

"She flipped out, stormed upstairs, and spent the rest of the night aggressively making out with Jesus [Luz, her new boy toy]," a spy told the New York Post.

After her hard-core make out session, she grabbed her boy toy and left out the backdoor where a black SUV was waiting for her.

We hope for Britney's sake her Circus tour doesn't gross as much as Madonna's Sticky & Sweet one, or else she'll never escape the wrath of Madge.