Madonna Files Papers to Adopt Another Child

March 26, 2009 By:
Madonna Files Papers to Adopt Another Child

The rumors have been going around for some time now and now we have confirmation that Madonna is actually adopting another child from Malawi.

An official at the Malawi welfare department confirmed to AP that Madonna filed for papers to adopt another child for Malawi.

The Sun also reports that Madonna is visiting Malawi this weekend to pick out her potential baby. She might even be able to present her adoption case to the court as early as Monday.

If you guys recall there were reports earlier this week that Madonna's attempt to adopt could be blocked due to all the drama in her love life recently.

"Our official policy is that we do not encourage our children to be sent into broken homes," a senior official from Malawi's Ministry of Women and Child Welfare Development said when speaking about Madonna's adoption. "Her relationships may negatively affect the adoption of Mercy."

Do you think Madonna should be able to adopt again?