Madonna Dumps Jesus

March 20, 2009 By:
Madonna Dumps Jesus

Madonna decided she had enough Jesus in her life, and has reportedly dumped her hot boy toy.

According to the Daily Star, Madge immediately unleashed her cougar claws on Jesus after pictures surfaced of him getting cozy with a Brazilian lingerie model in his hometown of Rio.

Another little tidbit is that the panty model, Luciana Costa, hasn’t even hit the 30 mark yet. Sources say Madonna also broke things off so it wouldn’t affect her chances with adopting another child from Malawi.

An insider tells The Daily Star, “She was drawn to Jesus. But it was just a bit of fun and she’s enjoyed herself. But she is growing bored of the relationship and her family comes first.

"He would ruin her chances of adopting again. And the pictures of him with Luciana made her realize that he’ll be better suited to somebody his own age.”

Meanwhile, Madonna is probably fuming inside that Jesus would turn around and do that to her after she plucked him from nothing and raised him to stardom in the last few weeks! That W shoot was probably the best thing Jesus will have ever done in his life!