Madonna Considers Adopting Again

March 16, 2009 By:
Madonna Considers Adopting Again

Madonna is considering adopting yet again, so her 3 year-old son David can have a Malawian sibling.

Madonna faced a lot of criticism when she adopted baby David back in 2006, but she thinks she's proven herself as a mother and would love to adopt again.

"It's something I have been considering," Madonna said in an interview with the country's Nation newspaper. "But [I] would only do if I had the support of the Malawian people and the government."

She added, "Many people – especially our Malawian friends – say that David should have a Malawian brother or sister."

The singer's rep Liz Rosenberg echoes her sentiment, telling People, "Madonna has stated many times that she'd love to adopt again."

If she does decide to adopt, she'll do it as a single mother. But her ex husband Guy Ritchie may still be in the equation. "Everything between us is very amicable," she said.

"We both agree that our children should always feel a deep connection with both their parents."

Seeing how great she's been with David, we would love to see her adopt again. She gave David a life he would have never had if she hadn't taken him in.