Madonna Calls Guy Ritchie Her Eternal Love

July 29, 2009 By:
Madonna Calls Guy Ritchie Her Eternal Love

Madonna and Guy Ritchie may have separated and both moved on with their lives, but Madonna still thinks of him as the love of her life.

Madonna and Guy split earlier this year after eight years of dating, but her love for him never faded, especially because he was so supportative of her adoption of Mercy James.

“The whole relationship now is just unbelievable,” a source told a British magazine. Not long ago, people wouldn’t even dare bring up his name because it was so bad. When they did talk, all they did was scream abuse at each other down the phone.

“Madonna has met few people in her life she truly respects and one of them is Guy. Forgetting everything else, she admires his intellect and cares about what he thinks.

“No one ever expected they could go from lovers to enemies and then back to incredibly close friends.”

Madonna has even penned a new track about a couple who loved, fought and loved again, and calls Ritchie her “eternal love.”

It's always so refreshing to hear ex's getting along, especially if they have kids. We're still a little bummed they split, because they seemed so great together. But close friends are better than nothing.