Madonna and Halle Berry's 'Psychotic, Violent' Stalker Captured

February 10, 2012 By:
Madonna and Halle Berry's 'Psychotic, Violent' Stalker Captured

A week after escaping a mental hospital, Robert Dewey Hoskins has been captured.

Hoskins was imprisoned years ago for threatening and stalking the Queen of Pop, Madonna, saying that if she wouldn’t marry him, he would slit her throat from ear to ear (quite the charmer). Somehow, he walked out of the mental hospital without being noticed just a week ago.

Los Angeles police were searching for him, describing him as “highly psychotic.” For Los Angeles, that doesn’t exactly narrow anything down.

He could’ve probably hung out at Hollywood and Highland in a Batman costume and gone unnoticed for years.

Anyway, Hoskins was also described as “very violent,” but he was found not far from the mental facility from which he escaped.

Madonna has declined to comment on the incident. Hoskins was reportedly going after Halle Berry, too. When Berry filed for a petition to move from the United States to France, she cited increased death threats as part of her reason.

In 1996, Madonna testified during his trial saying that she often had nightmares about him after seeing him near her home in 1995.

Later that year, while Madonna was in Florida, Hoskins scaled the perimeter wall of her home in the Hollywood Hills. He then jumped into her pool but was eventually shot twice by a security guard.

Hoskins has been in Metropolitan State Hospital in Los Angeles since July of last year. He was sentenced to jail for ten years in 1996.