Madonna and Guy's Civil Christmas

December 28, 2008 By:
Madonna and Guy's Civil Christmas

If you were hoping for a dramatic Madonna/Guy Ritchie Christmas tale, you're going to be awfully disappointed because the couple put their differences aside and had a very traditional family gathering.

We heard just about every rumor surrounding Madonna and Guy Ritchie's Christmas plans--everything from A-Rod joining them to Madonna refusing to let Guy see the kids. Turns out none of them were true.

Madonna flew to the UK with the kids so her and her estranged hubby can spend the holiday together--for the kids.

Madge flew into England on December 23 and she stayed at the couple's $22 million dollar London mansion with daughter Lourdes, 12, while Ritchie stayed at the family's country estate in Wiltshire, England with sons David, 3, and Rocco, 8.

On Christmas day Ritchie drove to London so the whole family could be together - and they were later seen heading out for a walk.

An onlooker told British newspaper The People, "They all looked really at ease with each other. Madonna and Lourdes had partnered up while Guy walked with the boys but there was an overall sense of togetherness.

"It was as if they wanted everyone to see that they have made peace with each other. It was so lovely after all the tales of rows and bickering. Let's hope it lasts for the children’s' sakes."

Glad to hear that Madge and Guy were adult enough to put their differences aside and give their kids a normal Christmas. Let's hope for their kids sake, they continue on with this kind of behavior.