Madonna and Guy's Christmas War

December 12, 2008 By:
Madonna and Guy's Christmas War

So much for an amicable divorce. Madonna and ex Guy Ritchie are apparently "at war" over who will get to spend Christmas with the kids.

According to, Guy apparently wants the kids to have a traditional British Christmas with him in the UK and Madonna wants the kids to spend the holidays with her in New York. Can't we all just get along?

A source close to the couple said: "It's not set in stone who has the boys on which days. The agreement is that Guy gets them four or five days a month in London, but that he can see them in New York, making the time anything up to two weeks a month.

"They are at a total stalemate. Madonna and Guy simply do not liaise at all on anything anymore - it all goes through their personal assistants."

We can already tell what kind of holiday the kids are going to have. Rocco: Hey Mom can I call Dad to wish him a Merry Christmas? Madonna: Ask my assistant.

Wonder if Madge and A-Rod have a little somethin' somethin' special planned for Christmas in New York? The paparazzi's must be on high alert this season. Photos of them together will certainly sell for a pretty penny.