Madonna and Guy Sleep In Separate Rooms

June 26, 2008 By:
Madonna and Guy Sleep In Separate Rooms

These pesky Madonna and Guy Richie rumors have reached an all time high. Apparently the couple is now sleeping in separate room--even at hotels!

During a recent trip to Italy, Madonna and Guy "had completely separate rooms, schedules, everything," said a source. "It is all very well organized but it’s not a marriage the way most people understand it.

"They have this attitude like 'we're not really a couple but we’re friends and we love each other and raise our kids.'

"But the truth is they p*ss each other off, don’t agree on anything, don’t see each other or live 'together' as they did. They are like ships passing in the night."

It's easy to target celebrities who like to keep their personal lives as private as possible. Madge and Guy are one of those couples. We don't predict them getting divorced anytime soon, but maybe this type of arrangement works for them. What do you guys think?