Madonna and Guy Ritchie Reunite

June 21, 2009 By:
Madonna and Guy Ritchie Reunite

Madonna and her ex hubby Guy Ritchie have reunited in London, but it's not what you think.

Being the amazing father that Guy is, he met up with Madonna to help her and his kids welcome the newest addition to the family--Mercy James.

Madonna flew into London's Heathrow Airport with the couple's kids to find Guy waiting for her. After their family reunion, Guy joined Madonna and the kids, including Mercy James, for a Kabbalah ceremony.

Guy then took Rocco and David to his country home in Wiltshire, England for a boys' weekend, giving Madonna and Lourdes time to bond with Mercy James.

Guy has always been such a dedicated father, we wouldn't be surprised if he acts like a father figure to Mercy James as well. It's a shame these two couldn't work it out.