Madonna and Guy Divorce Almost Official

November 21, 2008 By:
Madonna and Guy Divorce Almost Official

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are now one step closer to their divorce. The two were granted a "quickie divorce" on Friday in the High Court of London.

These two moved really quick! It's only been one month and they almost have everything sorted out. It obviously helps that he's not trying to take any of her money which is super classy of him.

According to some documents that were released by the court, Madge wants to divorce Guy because of his "unreasonable behavior."

The only thing Guy fought for are his children. Madonna wanted the kids full time and Guy wasn't having it. A source told the Daily Mirror: “Madonna wanted the whole family to live with her permanently in New York – but Guy wasn’t having any of that.

“This whole thing could have been sorted much more quickly if Madonna hadn’t been so stubborn. In the end, she backed down as she realised it just wasn’t on and she was being unrealistic.”

This divorce is so sad! We actually thought these two would last, but it seems there are some large egos involved.