Madonna and Britney To Tour Together?

July 5, 2008 By:
Madonna and Britney To Tour Together?

This is one of those rumors we are hoping to be true. Rumor on the block is Madonna has reportedly asked Britney Spears to join her on tour. The two are apparently going to meet with each other in NYC on Sunday to record a video that will broadcast on Madonna’s upcoming Sticky and Sweet tour which kicks off on August 23.

Not only will Brit-Brit shoot a video for broadcast but many are saying that there’s a chance she might even join Madge on stage for some concerts during her world tour.

A source tells The Sun, "They are recording a video together on Sunday that will provide the backdrop for part of Madonna's show.?"

And they are talking about Britney taking the stage on a few of the dates too. It’s hoped that Madonna can help Britney get back to her old self."?

The last time Madonna and Britney were one stage together was at the 2003 MTV Music Awards when they surprised everyone by kissing during their performance.

This will be the BEST concert ever! Not only will this help Britney revive her singing career but it will also help Madonna who hasn’t been getting the best of press lately. Guess we will find out of it's true if Britney actually goes to NYC tomorrow.