Legal Action Looms Over Madonna For Swastika Image

July 16, 2012 By:

France is totally over Madonna’s perpetual need for controversy and now plans to sue the superstar.

The Huffington Post is reporting that France’s far-right National Front is planning on focusing some of their political efforts this week on the Queen of Pop.

On Madonna’s latest tour in support of her MDNA album, she has been up to her old (literally) antics in trying to gain attention with shock and awe tactics that include controversial political commentary, bullying and ill-advised partial nudity.

Madonna Bares Her Breasts Again

During a video montage of stuff Mads doesn’t like or something, she allegedly has an image of the French party leader Marine Le Pen… with a swastika printed on her forehead.

Cause that’s appropriate.

Though France has been a bit peeved as the video has toured the world, they made a statement that they would take legal action if it aired during her concert Paris.

Gaga Responds to Madonna's Mash Up

On Saturday, Madonna, and her video, performed at the Stade de France.

You get the picture.

A spokesperson for the National Front has confirmed that the party will be filing a complaint in the French courts for "insults."

It would seem that likening a modern day politician to a historical tyrant responsible for the mass genocide of millions of people would classify as an “insult,” right?

So as it seems that even though Madonna’s continued attempts to pick a fight attacking the legitimacy of Lady Gaga ended with a “let’s just all get along” lecture/piano solo -- the video equivalent of slapping the leader of France is probably going to have more serious repercussions.

Go figure.