Jesus Luz Denies Cheating on Madonna

March 24, 2009 By:
Jesus Luz Denies Cheating on Madonna

Madonna's 23 year-old boy toy Jesus Luz just realized life without the Material Girl isn't all its cracked out to be.

Jesus shot to fame in the few weeks he was associated with Madge, but when photos of him partying in Rio with a lingerie model hit the net, Madge dropped him like a hot potato.

Speaking to the UK Sun, Jesus is now claiming he is 100% innocent and didn't cheat on Madonna... because his mom was watching.

Jesus said: “I danced with her [the lingerie model], but I danced with everyone at the party.

“My mum was at my side (at the party) and never would I become intimate with a woman if my mum was nearby - even if I was interested in that person.”

Something tells us his mother, who is 14 years younger than Madonna, is happy about the breakup. She claimed that Madonna had "kidnapped" her son.

Apparently his love affair with Madonna isn't the only thing that's over and done with. Jesus admitted he may drop his interest in Kabbalah.

He said: “I enjoy studying Kabbalah. If tomorrow I don’t discover another doctrine I don’t see any reason for not continuing my studies.”

He added he was handling the media attention, saying: “I expected it. This is the price you pay if you are successful with your work." Work? Honey dating Madonna wasn't "work," it was a speed pass to celebrityville... but unfortunately it looks like his 15 minutes are about to expire.