Guy Ritchie Speaks!

July 25, 2008 By:
Guy Ritchie Speaks!

Madonna's hubby Guy Ritchie has stayed mum throughout all the divorce rumors drama, but now he's finally speaking out.

Guy's rep made a quirky comment to People magazine claiming all is well in the marriage..."as far as I'm aware of," he added with a smile. Geez, don't sound too convincing now.

Speaking at the San Diego International Comic-Con, Ritchie said, "I was born there [London] and I've seen it change and I know a great deal about it, I'm invested," the director said.

"I live vicariously through my wife, so I was once a spy and now I've become a tourist, and it's much more fun to live in London as a tourist than it is as a spy."

He added, "Someone told me the definition was a spy always looks for the bad stuff, and a tourist always looks for the good stuff. So that makes it easy, being married to an American."

We're gonna need a little more than some snapshots of them holding hands to believe that their marriage "is fine." What do you guys think?